-Recovering America's Wildlife Act-

What Is It?

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act (H.R. 4647) aims to allocate existing funds to conservation of America's wildlife. It will redistribute funds from the taxes imposed on oil and gas companies that utilize federal lands and waters, and put them towards wildlife conservation.  

Why is this great? No new taxes will be imposed! These existing funds will simply be redistributed with greater purpose: to conserve and monitor America's non-game wildlife. 

If passed, Texas is eligible to receive more than $60-million to put towards studying and protecting its wildlife. 

How can you help? Contact your representatives and let them know you'd like for them to support this cause. You can write a letter or make a phone call to show your support. If you'd like more information on this process, please let us know!

See below for more R.A.W.A. info and to learn why it is important to support this act!


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