The society dedicates the majority of its time to educational outreach. Most weekend days serve as opportunities to communicate with our youth and their families about conservation and Texas wildlife.

The most popular component of our outreach is our Mammals of Texas display. For this, we display an array of mammalian pelts and skulls that visitors are free to touch, study, and compare up close. Society members answer questions and show interesting features of and unique differences between the animals.

In addition to community outreach, we know it is invaluable for our members to acquire a vast knowledge of wildlife biology in its many forms. We regularly host guest speakers who discuss the importance of involvement in the community, research, and The Wildlife Society, as well as those who inform us about relevant governmental entities, policymaking, NGOs, and much else. 

Each semester, we have the pleasure of hosting professionals who bring live bats, snakes, raptors, and other wildlife to chapter meetings. Here, our speakers debunk harmful wildlife myths and share interesting information on local wildlife.

Members have also had the privilege of participating in graduate and governmental research. Study subjects have ranged from Hantavirus and Lyme Disease to white-winged dove, Texas kangaroo rat, white-tailed deer, and endangered vegetation.

Educational Outreach

Member Education

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